Garage with hidden storage
Garage with shown storage

Sleek. Smart. Safe.

Introducing The Garage BoxTM

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Get up to 21
Off Your Floor

(Unless you like tripping over stuff.)

*21 7.5-gal. containers using our Four Box Setup. Do not exceed weight limits and always follow product safety guidelines.

Space in your home is at a premium, so we decided to think outside (and above) the bin. The Garage Box™ storage system quickly creates easy, accessible storage space with no ladders needed, providing up to 96 cubic feet of extra space* at the push of a button. That’s the equivalent to 21 storage containers filled with toys, decorations, sports gear—whatever your heart desires.

The Garage Box lowers safely and holds up to 500 pounds**, reducing clutter while making your belongings easily accessible. And, most importantly, it’s safe for those with limited mobility or families with young children.

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*96 cu. Ft. is achieved using our Four Box Setup of two 4×8 and two 2×8 boxes. **One 4×8 box can hold up to 500lbs.


  • Functional storage
    • Use the untapped space above your garage door.
  • Fully motorized • No ladders needed
    • Access your stored items without the danger of climbing a ladder.
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
    • Should The Garage Box fail to function, we’ll repair or replace it. Conditions may apply.
  • Safety
    • Built-in safety features make it ideal for families with children or those with limited mobility.
  • Seasonal storage
    • Keep decorations, outdoor gear or sports equipment all in place.
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